Charles Bukowski

This man's writing has always been a great influence.  Another one of my heroes.  Another anti-academic. Seems to be finally, 20 years after his death, getting the fame he deserved in life.


Great poet, we even corresponded for a bit back in the mid-70's.  Drove down Highway 5 to LA in 1980.  My travelling companions went to the museums.  I hit Hollywood and Western, to meet him in person.   He wasn't there.

Carleton Way.  Rough part of town.  There was a destroyed VW parked up on the lawn by  his front court window.   I even walked back down Western and into one of the bars on Hollywod and had a couple of drinks, celebrating my failed pilgrimage.  It was a large, dark, fairly empty room.  Bar across one wall with a couple of patrons well on their way.  Spent the rest of the day walking around East Hollywood  taking photos to turn into paintings when I returned up North.







Image One: "Notes on a Failed Pilgrimage"   Pastel on Paper  25x19   1980









Image Two:  "The Day Bukowski Died"  Pastel on Paper 13x19 1994




Image Three:  "Hollywood"  Pastel on Paper  25x40   1980

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