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Mt. Diablo Images
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I have been painting Mt. Diablo since I arrived here from Rhode Island, by way of Boston, 44 years ago.  It has been an ongoing subject no matter what else I was working on at the time.  New Englanders, and in particular Rhode Islanders,  tend to be somewhat sedentary.  A thirty minute drive is an adventure for which we pack a lunch and extra clothes in case of inclement weather.  If there is a mountain involved, we may just prefer the long view.

Because of this I was never one to hike around on it (although I have) and I have found that I can appreciate it much more from a distance as it pokes it's summit(s) above buildings in Concord, above the waters of the Delta and over the refineries in Benicia and Martinez.  From what I have read, Hokusai had the same feelings and perspective regarding Mt. Fuji, so I am in good company here.

It is visible from everywhere I go these days.  A magical presence just ahead or over my shoulder, always sustaining and inspiring when it seems so little else does....

             Warren Dreher, Concord CA 2010  (Statement from Danville Art Association Exhibition)

I recently found some images from my first painting show and inaugural exhibit at the Mr. Diablo Summit Museum.  Early 1990"s.  After hanging the work I remember driving back down the mountain that night, in the fog, with my friend Shirley, quite an experience.

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